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  • Manufactured from sanitary grade acrylic
  • Coordinating front and end panels
  • Various bath panel lengths
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Suitable for use with straight baths
WBB202 /
1500mm B shaped front panel

WBB200 /
1700 B shaped front panel cw fixing Kit

WBB201 /
B-shaped end panel

WBP202 /
1500mm P shaped front panel

WBP203 /
1600 P Shape Front Panel

WBP200 /
1700mm P shaped front panel

WBP201 /
700mm P shaped end panel

WBS302 /
1500mm square showerbath front panel

WBS303 /
1600 Square Sh Bath Front Panel Acrylic

WBS300 /
1700 sq showerbath front panel cw fixing

WBS301 /
Square showerbath end panel

BPC001 /
Bath Panel Clips x 6 and Screws

PAN140 /
Straight Bath Front Panel 1700x510x35mm

PAN141 /
Straight Front Bath Panel 1800x510x35mm

PAN142 /
Straight Bath End Panel 700 x510x35mm

PAN144 /
Straight Bath End Panel 800x510x35mm

PAN138 /
Straight Bath Front Panel 1500x510x25mm

PAN139 /
Straight Bath Front Panel 1600x510x25mm