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  • Compatible with a range of ceramics
  • Soft close hinge on most designs
  • Top and bottom fix installation options
  • 12 month guarantee
  • Quick release seat options for easy cleaning
NCH198 /
Luxury Square Seat SC, QR, Top Fix

NCH196 /
Standard Square Seat, SC, Top Fix

NTS007 /
Luxury D Shape Seat, SC, QR, Top Fix

NTS004 /
Luxury D Shape Seat, SC, QR, Top Fix

NTS002 /
Standard D Shape Seat, SC, Top Fix

NTS006 /
Luxury Round Seat, SC, QR, Top Fix

NTS008 /
Standard Round Seat, SC, Top Fix

NTS010 /
Standard Round Seat, SC, Bottom Fix

NTS302 /
Trad Round Toilet Seat Chrome Hinges

NTS303 /
Trad Round Toilet Seat Plastic Hinges