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  • Contemporary design
  • Stunning finishing touches to your wetroom
  • Variety of finishes available
PEK185 /
1850mm Profile Extension Kit

FIX023 /
Wetroom Screen Support Arm

ARM22 /
Wetroom Screen Support Arm

WRSF002 /
3000mm Wetroom Screen Ceiling Post

ACC003 /
Enclosure Hook For Frameless Enclosures

ACC004 /
Enclosure Hook For Framed Enclosures

WRSF001 /
Wetroom Screen Support Foot

WRSF003 /
Wetroom Screen Retainer Support Foot

FIX024 /
Support Bar Kit

WRSF006 /
Black Wetroom Screen Ceiling Post

WRSF007 /
Black Wetroom Screen Support Foot

WRSF008 /
Black Wetroom Foot and Wall Bracket

PEK185BP /
1850mm Black Profile Extension Kit

ACC006 /
Enclosure Hook For Frameless Enclosures

HAN1203AA /
Pacific Rounded Chrome Handle

HAN005AA /
Pacific Square Chrome Handle

HAN1005FA /
Pacific Square Black Handle

HAN009AA /
Ella Rounded Handle

HAN1005AA /
Ella Square Handle

WRSF017 /
Brushed Brass Wetroom Screen Support Foot

FIX025 /
Support Bar Kit

WRSF013 /
1850 Wetroom Wall Channel Brass

WRSF009 /
1850 Wetroom Wall Channel Black

1850mm Enclosure Screw Cover Kit Chrome

PEK185BB /
1850mm Brushed Brass Profile Extension Kit