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  • Rounded edges for a sleek modern finish
  • High quality brass internals
  • Ceramic disc technology for long life and smooth operation
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Coordinating shower valves
  • Space saving designs available
BIN315 /
Binsey Mini Basin Mixer (P/B Waste)

BIN305 /
Binsey Mono Basin Mixer (P/B Waste)

BIN306 /
Binsey Mono Bidet Mixer (P/UP Waste)

BIN370 /
Binsey High Rise Mixer (No Waste)

BIN337 /
Binsey D/M 3TH Basin Mixer (P/UP Waste

BIN381 /
Binsey W/M 2TH Basin Mixer

BIN328 /
Binsey W/M 2TH Basin Mixer With Plate

BIN317 /
Binsey W/M 3TH Basin Mixer

BIN350 /
Binsey W/M 3TH Basin Mixer With Plate

BIN333 /
Binsey D/M 3TH Bath Filler

BIN303 /
Binsey D/M Bath Filler

BIN304 /
Binsey D/M BSM With Kit

BIN316 /
Binsey W/M SL BSM With Kit

BIN334 /
Binsey D/M 4TH BSM No Spout

BIN314 /
Binsey D/M 5TH BSM

BIN308 /
Binsey 3/4" Side Valves

BIN300 /
Binsey Bath Spout

BIN321 /
Binsey Freestanding BSM

BIN005 /
Binsey W/M Thermostatic BSM