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Nuie Bathrooms International Bath Day


On the 14th June we celebrate International Bath Day, a day not only dedicated to the gift we call a bath, but a discovery made by Greek mathematician and scientist, Archimedes.

Why we celebrate?

Legend says over 2200 years ago Archimedes made a great discovery, all whilst taking a bath! Archimedes noticed that when he got into the bath it caused the water levels to rise and spill over, he soon figured out that the amount of water that flowed over was proportionate to the weight of his body and therefore the volume of an object can be accurately measured by being submerged in water – This then resulted in Archimedes running through the streets, still undressed may we add, yelling “Eureka”.

How we celebrate today

It’s great that we still celebrate this amazing discovery today, however not exactly how Archimedes celebrated by running through streets nude! Today we perceive baths to be a luxury experience and we now use them as a form of relaxation – this could be argued by all of the shower lovers out there!

But for all our bath lovers, here’s how you can celebrate. A warm bath with bubbles of course, you can never have too many bubbles! Make sure the water is not uncomfortably warm. Now take it one step further by adding some Epson Salts that relax the muscles, we recommend taking a bath before you go to bed, so you’re relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

This is the time where you can finally get some much needed “me time” so put down the phone rather than aimlessly scrolling through social media utilise this time to switch off and wind down because you deserve it