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Shower Safe With Slip-Resistant Trays




We recently released our new Slip-Resistant Shower Trays – which are featured in our new 2022 brochure – these trays are just as stylish as our regular shower trays with the added benefit of reducing slips in the shower.


What are They?

­If you didn’t already know, a shower tray is that bit you stand on whilst you, well, shower, pretty self-explanatory really. Anyway, these shower trays serve the purpose of giving you a nice, even platform to stand on whilst also letting the water drain away into the waste (the plug bit). Shower trays are usually pretty safe, with the risk of slips minimal for most of us, however, that risk is still there and is higher for those with mobility issues or people who are generally clumsy!. To reduce the slipping risk, we’ve decided to release our new Slip-Resistant Shower Trays, they’re just as stylish and well made as the rest of our trays but, thanks to the special coating that is applied they have a steady grip and extra safety features. 

Who Benefits?

Although our Slip-Resistant Shower Trays benefit people with mobility issues and the elderly the most, we are all at risk of slips and accidents whilst showering, after all a smooth wet surface isn’t safest thing to stand on, especially if you’re in a rush! Nevertheless, these trays are great for anyone, after all a little extra safety never hurts. So, don’t compromise on style for safety when you can have both. Find our full range of Slip-Resistant Shower Trays here.  

Find Them in the New 2022 Brochure

As we not-so-subtly mentioned above, you can find them in our brand spanking new, super glossy 2022 brochure! Order yourself a copy and we’ll get it to you ASAP. It’s a great bit of reading material and we’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing all our much loved collections.. If you prefer to go paperless we have a digital copy as well, click here to view or download the full brochure.