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Squeeze More Storage Out of Your Bathroom






Have you ever thought ‘my bathroom is just too small’? Does the stress of finding enough space for all your bathroom needs keep you up at night? Does your bathroom just feel too cramped, like you have to squeeze everything in with no room to swing the smallest cat? Well, we have the blog for you! Find out how to maximise the storage space for the smallest bathroom with our range of compact furniture.


Too Narrow

Small bathrooms come in many shapes and sizes, with the space available being different for everyone. A common challenge when trying to furnish a small bathroom is that the room is just too narrow for standard furniture. The units can be too deep to comfortably open the doors and the sink feels like it’s pressed against you. Of course, the need for storage remains even with limited space, so finding solutions can be tricky.

One of the best ways to solve your space and storage problems is to fit slimline vanity units. These options give you the most storage for the space available and even with a slimline basin there is enough bowl space to wash your hands and brush your teeth comfortably. Don’t compromise style for practicality, our Vault range of compact furniture is available in a variety of different styles and colourways, we also have a range of mini basin taps so they don’t look overkill on small units, check out our Sanford Mini Basin Mixer for a tap with a sleek contemporary design in a small package.

Just Not Big Enough

Some bathrooms just feel too small in general, there’s no specific width or length issue, it’s just too small for comfort. Slimline furniture can help you out here as well, but if you can afford to use a little extra space for storage why not go for a regular vanity with a smaller width? This option gives you the same depth as other vanities, but it’s narrower which is really helpful for a small bathroom, obviously.

If you check out our Cloakroom packs you’ll find a ton of options for different options to fit your space. Our Cloakroom packs are available in a variety of different basin and tap options as well, so you can be sure to find the right pack for you.

Limited Floor Space

Limited floor space comes with a lot of different headaches. The room might feel too cluttered, bringing the room’s vibe down. It might make the room feel claustrophobic, meaning you’re unable to destress when taking some well-deserved ‘me time’. Thankfully there are a few solutions, the most effective of which is to use compact wall hung furniture. This design lets you reclaim some floor space, allowing light to reach underneath the vanity and give the illusion of a bigger room, magnify this this effect with an LED mirror for even more light. Plus, wall hung vanities look like they’re floating which, let’s be honest, looks unreal.

Other Storage Solutions and Tips

If fitting new furniture isn’t your vibe there are other routes you can take to squeeze more storage space out of your bathroom.

The cheapest and quickest way to gain some space is to throw away all of your unused toiletries! Come on, you know you have some, we all do. That bottle of Baylis and Harding hand cream you used once, get it gone. Your old toothbrush with bristle so bent you might as well use your finger, chuck it in the bin. That Lynx Africa set your Nan got you 3 Christmases ago, if you haven’t used it yet you never will. Alternatively, if you feel this is too wasteful you could always regift or donate! This is a good step towards only purchasing, and ultimately storing, things you actually want and need.

Our personal favourite storage solution is to use a towel radiator. This toasty solution provides you with all the benefits of a normal radiator whilst saving space where your towels would otherwise be stored AND it means stepping out of the shower on a cold morning isn’t as daunting knowing you have a cozy warm towel waiting for you. Or if you want a quicker and less expensive ways to save space with your towels, fit one of our towel hooks so it’s always in reach and out of the way.